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The song 'Colorless blooming flowers' best the best 10 chart

After nearly 2 years of announcing to leave the stage, singer Hoai Lam attracted attention through the song 'Colorless blooming flowers' with the MV reaching 41 million views, topping the chart and being sung by many singers.

The song 'Colorless blooming flowers'

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Colorless blooming flowers were composed by musician Nguyen Minh Cuong in April 2020 while stuck in Hanoi because of Covid-19. Inspired after reading the poem Leaning against the wall and crying by poet Nguyen Phong Viet, musician Nguyen Minh Cuong tells the story in his own sensory and language. The content of the song is about regretting the unfinished love, the boy is still in love, but has to accept.

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Musician Nguyen Minh Cuong said colorless blooming flowers were in his own project, not the plan to return Hoai Lam. But the male musician decided to hand this song over to his juniors because "I believe that Lam will sing well". During the recording process, Minh Cuong had to transport equipment and the mobile studio down to Vinh Long - Hoai Lam's hometown, where Lam was resting because his health was not good. Despite the difficult technical conditions, the two quickly captured emotions, recorded and shot the MV smoothly. Minh Cuong shared that Hoai Lam found himself when he received the demo, so he put his hit feelings to sing.

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