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What is a doctoral thesis?

A successful dissertation leads you to the highest possible educational degree you can obtain at the end of your studies. If you decide to write your doctoral thesis, the result is also called a dissertation, inaugural dissertation, doctorate, or doctoral thesis. A doctorate is a scientific thesis that allows you to obtain a doctoral degree. To do so, your college or university must have the right to award doctoral degrees. An option can be a graduate college, in which you research in a group on a project. You will be supervised by several supervisors. Places for a collective dissertation are in demand, so you should look for a place early.

In order to receive the academic degree of Dr., you must pass an oral examination or defense in addition to the publication of the doctoral thesis. In most disciplines, you will write a monograph as your doctoral thesis. This is an independent publication. In the natural sciences, the cumulative dissertation, also known as the Sammeldissertation, has now become established. This doctoral thesis consists of several publications in scientific journals. On average, three professional articles are subjected to an examination procedure. The cumulative dissertation can be interesting if you want to achieve the widest possible reach with your research results.

The whole process is extremely challenging, and a lot of professors used other people’s help with perfecting their dissertations. You can easily find fully confidential help on the internet, but first research the experience other users had with various services. Here’s an unbiased review of customwritings.com for example. 

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