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Linkers and Expressions that you can use in an Opinion Essay

A good essay is one that coherently presents the idea and conveys the intended message to the readers. Many students struggle with the idea of ​​writing an essay that is not only effectively presented but also has all the literary elements which can make an essay more alluring for its readers.

Before you start to write an essay, you need to understand the important concepts which can invigorate interest among the readers. Presenting the ideas haphazardly and abruptly will cause the readers to lose interest in whatever it is that you want to convey. However, linking the ideas and sentences to make a flow and coherence in your paper is the best way to captivate the readers and to force them to read your essay. If you are struggling with the problem of presenting your ideas and wondering how to  write my essay , then this article will help you learn a few tricks about linking the ideas which can improve the quality of your written work.

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   Linkers hold much importance in any language. Without them, sentences and ideas would appear random thoughts and it gets very difficult for the readers to keep a track of the argument presented by the writer. Linkers and expressions are crucial to make a point in an opinion essay. An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing in which you either write 'for the topic or against the topic. While writing an opinion essay, you need to present both sides of the issue in an unbiased manner and discuss the ideas with equal detail. Since, it requires a balanced approach and link between two contrasting ideas, reasons, opinions, and facts, a writer needs to learn the use of linkers and expressions to connect the points.

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Examples of Linkers and Expressions in Essay

   The opinion essay also contains three basic parts which include an introduction, main body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you can use different types of linking phrases and expressions such as ' to list the point, to explain it further, to expound upon the facts, etc.

  •         In the main body, the flow of ideas can be generated by using the linking words such as, in addition to, firstly, secondly and thirdly, to begin with, and finally, etc.
  •         As you are required to present the opposing side of the idea you can use the expression for example: as stated by the opinion, to list the advantages, according to opponents, etc.
  •         While writing if you want to supplement the data with more points you can add points such as besides, as well as, not only, but also, furthermore, additionally, though, yet, etc.
  •         While demonstrating the contrasting ideas to present the opponent's view you can use, even so, on the other hand, though, however, although, etc.

During the write-up, it is important to present the facts and relevant examples to strengthen the arguments and to improve the credibility of stating points. To quote the example the linking words and expressions which you can use include for example, in particular, as stated by, as shown by the fact, as illustrated, it demonstrates, such as, in particulates.

While writing a conclusion, you can use the words such as based on, to sum up, finally, all in all, to conclude, to summarize, in short, all things considered, etc, If you are still confused regarding how to write an essay, you can seek the help of the professional  essay writer  which will save you time and anxiety related to writing a good piece of paper.  

Linkers are and expressions are useful for comparing, summarizing, contrasting, and defining the thoughts and to develop a coherent paper. These expressions and linkers connect the whole sentence therefore, allow a smooth transition in the essay. Most of the linking words are adverbs, prepositions, adverbs, conjunction, and combination of two clauses which often represent the clear connection between the ideas and help in devising coherent paragraphs. It is important to use the right phrases and expressions in an opinion essay because, by linking words, phrases, or stances, it becomes easy for the readers to understand the thoughts and ideas of the writer. However, if you are still confused about the idea of ​​using linkers in the essay you can seek help from the writers at the  essay writing service . Some linking words such as and, but, so because, then until, such as are only used within a sentence while some linking words like furthermore, moreover, however, nevertheless, therefore are used between the sentences. Some of the linking words are used to conclude or summarize the essay.  

Grammatically linking words are neither verbs nor nouns, but these expressions and linking words are followed by different clauses for example, while, why, because, although .so, whereas, whether linking words followed by phrases or pronoun or such as despite, because of, etc.

To conclude, by using the linking words and expressions you can write an appealing and compressive opinion essay. Without linkers and expressions, the essay would appear the dump of words and presentation of abruptly put ideas. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the importance of linkers which play a vital role to compose effective writing. Uses of linking words & expressions for example:

I pushed the chair', 'I fell on the floor' are two phrases with no links and no common understanding of what the writer intends to convey. However, if they would be connected by 'I pushed the chair, as a result of which, I fell on the floor' is an comprehensible sentence.You can likewise contact  paper writing service  for more help.

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