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Order 3mmc shop Pellets same day delivery

Order 3mmc shop Pellets same day delivery


3-MMC (3-Methylmethcathinone or Metaphedrone) is a stimulant chemical that has also been reported to produce entactogenic effects. Researchers have often compared this product to 4-MMC (Mephedrone) due to their relation in chemical structure. It works as a Dopamine reuptake inhibitor. 3-MMC has been available on the Research Chemical market since 2012 and has instantly became a favourite product to be used in experiments by researchers. Anecdotal reports have recording effects in participants such as euphoria, enhancement in stamina, increased energy levels and even tactile enhancement.


*Disclaimer: Our products are NOT designed for human consumption but for research purposes ONLY. Adequate safety precautions should be taken when researching these chemicals.*

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With a structure closely related to mephedrone, 3-MMC (3-Methylmethcathinone) is a stimulant of the cathinone class.


Product Details:

Place of Origin: China

Product Name: 3-MMC Pellets


Purity: >99.5%

Appearance: Pellets

Dosage: 100mg

Production Capacity: 100.000 pellets/month

Packing: Aluminum Foil Bag or Plastic Bag

Payment Terms:

Payment Terms: Bitcoin, Other

Delivery & Shipping Terms:


1. We will ship the goods within 1 days after payment.

2. We will ship the goods by UPS, EMS, DHL, TNT or FEDEX. We will choose the best courier depending on different countries, and find the safest way to deliver the goods for you.

3. Delivery time EMS: 5-14 days. DHL/UPS/FedEx: 4-7 days.

4. Customs in countries like Russia, Australia, Canada is very strict, but we can ensure 100% delivery.

5. As usual you can get the goods with in 4-7 days. If the goods were lost or not received for other reasons, we’ll resend.

Wholesale Orders are NOT accepted UNLESS:

We do not accept wholesale orders unless a sample order has been placed and confirmed (delivered with success). Do not inquiry about wholesale orders unless you have a verified sample order ID.



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