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Ways of decorating your rental home

We’re spending more time at home than ever before, and looking at the same four walls everyday might have you wishing you could make some changes to your space. Decorating a rental can be tricky and while you might feel limited, there are definitely ways to bring your personality to life. We have put together some tips that will really help when it comes to decorating your townhome or apartment space. Exploring new colour palettes, optimizing storage space and using texture to create a cozy atmosphere can help to personalize and stylize your home. Keep reading to learn you can make your mark, even in a rental home!


White and light neutral tones are quickly becoming the shade of choice when it comes to painting a room, particularly when the decorator wants that room to have a clean, bright, and open feeling. Many rental apartments and townhomes come with neutral or white painted walls, but don’t let this stop you from adding your own flair! This acts as a blank canvas, allowing accent colours among the decor and furnishings to really pop in a fresh space. If you’re worried about losing out on the warmth of other colours, utilize neutral colours like tan leather or a natural wood for your furniture and pair that with bright pillows or throw rugs to keep that cozy ambiance.

Another benefit of neutral walls is the opportunity to get creative with graphic prints. Pillows, curtains, lampshades, and wall art can all sport exciting, bold colours and prints to add an artistic flair. Take advantage of a light bedroom backdrop by showing off a bold bedspread or patterned pillow shams. The artistic opportunities are seemingly endless!  


Whether you actually have a green thumb or not, plants and greenery are the perfect accent in a modern apartment. For those who can’t manage to keep a plant alive, the selection of artificial greens available these days are so incredible, you’ll never be able to tell the difference!

With such a diverse selection available, you can display your leafy collection of greens in a variety of ways! Some modern designers are even taking plants to the next level by using various types of greenery to create privacy instead of curtains or blinds. Strategically placed plants, whether dangling down or resting on a sill, can be the perfect privacy screen for your modern apartment.



Transparent furniture is becoming more and more popular, particularly in close-quartered apartments. Clear furniture can basically disappear and make the room seem much larger than it actually is. Chairs, end tables, coffee tables, and vanities are being created out of glass, lucite, and acrylic to achieve this transparent look. This makes for a classy, shiny surface with a chic, sleek finish that really adds to the modern design of an apartment.

An advantage to having clear furniture is the ability to pair your bold accent pieces. A transparent end table with a beautiful vase of flowers or an elaborate centerpiece can really spruce up what could have been a dark corner. If your walls are already a bold colour, clear furniture can fill the room without looking too bulky or busy.



Mirrors are a fantastic resource in the interior design world, especially in smaller spaces. Large mirrors can trick your eyes into thinking there’s more space in your apartment, bouncing the natural light around the room and filling up low-light areas. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or office, mirrors can be a great way to fill wall space while broadening the dimensions of the room.

In hallways, particularly dark hallways or sections whose corners don’t get to see as much natural light, a full-length mirror can make all the difference. Floor mirrors are a great way to make the walls appear taller while adding to the modern design of this section of your home.



In a modern apartment, lighting is everything. The quality and quantity of light in a room can influence not only the appearance of the decor but the actual colour of the walls. The type of light will also change the appearance of a room. Softer white lights will make the walls and decor look surprisingly different than cooler, more artificial lights. The same goes for the shape of a lamp or various fixtures, a globe lamp is going to distribute the light differently than a cone lampshade.

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