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The Manufacturing Process of Fiber Cement Pots in Lam Thanh, Vietnam

Lam Thanh takes pride in its advanced manufacturing process in producing fiber cement plant pots in Vietnam. The process is optimized, combining skilled craftsmanship to create high-quality pots.
  • Thorough selection of raw materials such as cement and sand, which are strictly managed.
  • The mixing stage follows a specific formula, refined by artisans after numerous trials to achieve the best quality product.
  • Each pot design has its casting mould, and the materials are poured carefully to fit the mould perfectly, avoiding any spillage to prevent waste and future complications during demolding.
  • Lastly, the drying process demands meticulous attention as freshly fiber cement pots may have uneven surfaces and are not yet solid. Lam Thanh's artisans carefully inspect and fill in any dents, and sand down protrusions to create a smooth surface. They then apply the required paint colour with precision and care.

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