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Introduction to Ecommerce Software Development

What is e-commerce software development? 

The term eCommerce was coined in 1972 and it has slowly gained popularity as a buzzword since then. Today, we understand it as an umbrella term that covers all online buying and selling, including everything from selling physical products to providing digital services. There are no hard and fast rules for custom ecommerce platform solutions. However, some important trends are emerging that you should be aware of if you plan to pursue or invest in an eCommerce business model. 

Types of e-commerce businesses or main e-commerce business models: 

Business-to-business (B2B): B2B e-commerce, or business-to-business, is a type of e-commerce in which a business sells goods and services directly to other companies. 

Business to Consumer (B2C): In a B2C company, a company sells its products directly to consumers. If you own an online store that primarily sells phone accessories, your customers will be end users, not other businesses. 

Business to Administration (B2A): This involves transactions between companies and public administrations. There are many different ways to deliver products and services: finance, transportation, logistics, information technology, etc. 

Consumer to Administrator (C2A): This involves business transactions between government agencies and local consumers or the general public. 

The top 3 ecommerce web development software options

  1. Magento is a famous open-source e-commerce platform with roots in modern and traditional e-commerce. This is an agile, intuitive solution with a reputation for professional-grade features.

  2. WooCommerce: The WooCommerce plug-in allows you to create online stores through WordPress. You can hire WordPress developers to set up and customize plug-ins to meet your business needs. In addition, you can also use WooCommerce with other blog platforms, such as Tombole and SquareSpace.

  3. Shopify: This is one of many different eCommerce platforms available on the market. It makes sense that you might be wondering which software package you should use to get your business online! Shopify is known for its quality design, easy setup, and powerful backend management.


The focus of ecommerce software development is to bring the store from the concept stage to the point where it can handle millions of different products purchased by millions of customers through the central store.

The challenge for any online retailer is to find the best way to achieve all these goals and ensure that each goal is achieved correctly.

AHT Tech's e-commerce solutions focus on providing superior omnichannel customer experience, how to build an e-commerce website and intelligent support. We help you deliver on your brand promise, drive operational improvements, and deliver memorable customer experiences while connecting your systems, employees, and customers across both physical and online channels.

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