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Event planners on uyo

Pls event planners in iyo & show promoters should be very guided during this festive season. One thing some people don’t know is that it takes lots of millions to become a big mainstream superstar with huge fan base. 

How can you confidently put someone’s face & brand on a chaff show flier or poster when you haven’t officially paid the booking fee. What a waste of energy / resources / time / publicity & besides one could get arrested for such infringements. 

It’s very wrong & annoying to see people use a public figure’s name or face for promotions without doing the needfuls. Dah! “Imemme inam mkpò nwor etop k’usung, if e easy try run am na! No be child’s play! 

Things like this are the reasons why I protect my access & value with my whole life. No sentiments when it comes to entertainment business. Sio nsa kpe or you simply go & perform your own song. Then you’ll understand what it takes to be blown. 

As for the organizers of this event, I’m highly disappointed & this act should not repeat itself again. Stop misleading innocent fans who just want to pay for some fun time out of love for genuine entertainment. Fans abeg mek una disregard their lies, my senior comrade man Iyanya is too big for cheap shows & I can’t keep quiet about this cuz it could have been me (it’s risky cuz the vex for escalate beyond long yarns especially now wey face really come show well nationwide) This illegal violations should stop else …. Actions will be taken immediately! #Disclaimer