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About SkoolBeep

We are an edtech company building solutions that empower schools & teachers, make the learning process enjoyable for students and enable parental aspirations. We strive to break the digital divide in the Indian school education system and create a brighter future for all children irrespective of their background.

What We Do

SkoolBeep is a trusted technology partner offering high-quality, affordable and scalable solutions to schools across India. As a company, we are equally passionate about education and technology. Our solutions can empower teachers, enhance learning experiences for students, keep parents involved, and help Indian schools become future-ready.

SkoolBeep has a whole range of technology solutions that revolutionize every aspect of running a school from integrated classroom solutions to home learning solutions and school management software.

In our journey of 10 years, we have constantly invested in developing new solutions and advancing our existing offerings to support the schools we've partnered with. We aspire to build long-term relationships with schools and become a trusted one-stop technology partner enabling Indian schools to become vibrant, world-class learning centers of excellence.
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