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Design consultancy singapore

From interior design consultancy to home styling, we provide a one-stop solution for your home renovation needs. Be it commercial interior design or condo interior design in Singapore, we are ready to undertake any renovation project!

Prescription Safety Glasses Malaysia

Aside from that, we only use impact resistance optical lenses made of trivex or polycarbonate material. This means that by having your safety glasses prescribed and dispensed by us, you will not only be guaranteed vision correction, but also be offered the highest impact protection, as permitted by the standards.

property management in malaysia


The Group’s mission is to partner our customers and patients in their pursuit of wellness and aesthetics. Offering more than 100 treatment options, the doctors will design the ONE integrated and personalise solution to fit your unique skin and body. The Group has invested in business units operating independently under different management teams to offer a one-stop solution to our customers.


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