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Mastering the Art of Stovetop Coffee with a Percolator

Stovetop percolators, once popular in home coffee brewing, have lost favor due to their tendency to produce bitter coffee. However, when used properly, these vintage tools can efficiently brew a flavorful cup of coffee. By mastering the use of the percolator, you can enjoy a rich, delicious coffee without the bitterness..

Essentials You’ll Need

– Whole coffee beans
– Coffee grinder
– Cold water
– Coffee scale (or measuring spoon)
– Stovetop percolator*

Brewing Coffee with a Percolator: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now, let’s delve into a detailed guide on crafting coffee with a Stovetop Percolator, following each step precisely.


1. Preparing Your Coffee Grounds: Grinding and Measuring

   Grind your beans just before brewing for optimal freshness, using a burr grinder for maximum flavor. The grind should be coarse, similar to that of a French press. The recommended ratio is 15 grams of coffee per 250 milliliters of water, but this can be adjusted to taste. If you don't have a coffee scale, one tablespoon of ground coffee per cup is a good rule of thumb.


2. Getting the Percolator Ready

   Fill the percolator reservoir with cold water, place the funnel filter on top, and add the ground coffee into the basket, pressing it down gently.

3. Initiate the Percolator’s Heating Process

   Gradually heat the water on medium-low heat to prevent burnt or bitter flavors. Adjust the heat to maintain a consistent temperature, aiming for one bubble, or “perk,” every few seconds. A continuous stream of bubbles indicates the water is too hot, while no bubbles suggest insufficient heat.


4. Allow Percolation to Take Place

   Stay nearby during the process to ensure optimal water temperature. The longer the coffee percolates, the stronger it becomes. Aim for a brewing duration of five to ten minutes, adjusting based on your desired strength. Once the time is up, remove the percolator from the heat source.


5. Dispose of the Coffee Grounds

   Before pouring the coffee into your mug, make sure to remove the grounds to prevent them from ending up in your cup.


6. Serve Coffee in Your Preferred Mug and Savor

   Pour the coffee into your favorite mug and adjust the taste with milk, cream, or sweeteners as per your preference. Percolator coffee is known for its deep, intense, and aromatic flavor profile.

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